Hmong Global

The Hmong Indigenous Tribal
populations round the world
are somewhat hazing and
inaccuracy.  If all data
collections are true, it indicated
that the Hmong Indigenous
Tribal people population is
disappearing in records faster
than population producing.

Historical data accounted that
the Hmong population in
Southeast Asia Tribal People
some 2000 years ago was more than
35 million

The Wikipedia, the free
Encyclopedia: Regions with
significant populations of the Hmong which indicated:

image People's Republic of China - 3 million Vietnam - 787,604 (1999) Laos - 460,000 (2005) United States - 221,948 (2008)[2] Thailand - 151,080 (2002) France - 15,000 Australia - 2,190 [3] French Guiana - 1,500 Canada - 600 Germany

The Hmong population so far had only accounted of 4,637,822 on all regions known.  Which is it only accounts of 1.3% of the total Hmong population 2000 years ago. What happened to the rest of the Hmong Indigenous Tribal people?  Where are they now?  Who are they now?  What had happened to them?

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knowledge Volume 15, Aboriginal People Page 1730

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia